Speak To San Antonio Criminal Lawyer Now - Call 210-338-8225 I understand that you are scared, stressed & at the moment probably have more questions than answers.  For this reason we offer Monday - Sunday from 7am to 11pm.  W've helped hundreds of people charged with a misdemeanor and even more people charged with a felony find resolutions to their criminal offense that didn't include jail or prison time & I can help you.

Criminal Defense is a serious matter that should only be handled by an experienced San Antonio Criminal Lawyer like myself. .  

Criminal Defense: When a person is arrested, detained or under investigation for a crime that person(s) will have a day in court to defend themselves.  Defending yourself of a criminal charge is called criminal defense.  Many will attempt to defend themselves, retain a public defender, but the smartest people seek out the advice and representation of a Skilled from The Parent Law Firm.

Being detained or arrested is one thing, being found guilty is a much harder burden for the state to overcome.  Now, that doesn't mean you can just sit on your hands & wait for your arrest to come.  You need to start preparing for trial & defending yourself against an army of skilled legal professionals at the DA's office.

Types of Charges We Can Defend You Against:

  • DWI, DUI Charges
  • All Felony Charges
  • All Misdemeanor Charges
  • All White Collar Crimes
  • All Violent Crimes
  • All Sex Crimes
  • All Drug Charges
  • All Theft Charges
  • All Juvenile Charges
  • All Kidnapping Charges
  • Family & Domestic Violence
  • All Federal Crimes

An arrest and/or a conviction will follow you everywhere, from state to state, school to school and job to job. This is serious & you should approach it as such.  You need to spend the time interviewing many legal professionals before deciding who has the best strategy for your criminal defense.