Drug Charges

Drug charges should be taken seriously, so if you or a loved one has been arrested on drug related charges, don’t hesitate to find a San Antonio Criminal Lawyer to help as quickly as possible! Drug charges can range anywhere from low level possession to trafficking and all the way to production, cultivation, and manufacturing. Light possession of marijuana is classified as a misdemeanor in Texas, but anything more serious than that can result in a class of felony that can seriously damage one’s reputation and make life very difficult following the conviction.

When dealing with these kind of charges, we strongly recommend not talking to the police until you have a San Antonio lawyer present who is looking out for your best interests. There is always the chance that anything you say can be used against you, so you want to make sure that everything you are saying does not give the wrong impression or convict you in any way possible. But, even if you have gone through this process, it’s not too late! As an experienced legal team, there are plenty of legal avenues that our team can navigate in your defense against your charges.

Without an experienced criminal defense team, the consequences of being convicted of drug charges can range anywhere from heavy court fees associated with a misdemeanor to significant jail time related to a trafficking felony. Probation, the fees associated with it, and mandatory counselling are almost guaranteed without a well-crafted defense. The fact of the matter is having an experienced legal team behind you in your defense brings the invaluable benefit of the knowledge of the legal procedures associated with drug charges. With that kind of knowledge on your side, the field is evened so that the charges can be approached in a fair and professional manner.

At the Dave Parent Law Office, we are a tough and experienced legal team that focuses on the best possible outcome for every client above all else. We also pride ourselves in providing an affordable service that creates an environment in which our clients won’t have to take the unnecessary risk of representing themselves in unfamiliar territory, without the knowledge and expertise necessary to properly navigate the complicated legal landscape. Drug charges can be a difficult and hazardous minefield to deal with on your own, so make the right call – call our law offices toady at (210) 338-8225 to discuss your drug charge.