Felony Defense

A San Antonio Felony Lawyer is a legal professional like myself dedicated to fighting for individuals charged with a felony & helping them stay out of jail, off probation &/or reduce court fees.  If you are reading this page it’s because you or a family have been arrested for a felony offense & you need the best Felony Attorney that you can afford.

Being arrested for a felony is scary, costly and time consuming if you don’t hire the right San Antonio Lawyer to represent you. Criminal Defense is a serious matter that only a handful of legal professionals are equipped to handle.

At The Parent Law Firm you will find experienced San Antonio felony lawyers with the knowledge needed to properly defend someone charged with a felony.  I’ve spent years building a reputation as a tough, no nonsense legal professional that fights with everything he has to keep his clients out of jail.

If you have been accused of a felony, don’t try to take it on yourself! A felony charge can disrupt your life today, but being convicted can severely damage the rest of your life. Being convicted of a felony can result in the loss of voting rights, significant restrictions on firearm ownership, business opportunities, numerous career opportunities, and many other legal restrictions that can throw a wrench into an individual’s livelihood.

We believe that every individual deserves a fair and properly conducted trial when dealing with these serious offenses, and stay focused on fighting hard for the rights of our clients.

All criminal charges should be taken seriously. We take the charges associated with misdemeanors just as seriously as charges associated with felonies. However, the fact remains that felony charges are particularly serious and require an expert San Antonio Lawyer to navigate in a way that is both effective and fair. From felonies associated with the lowest level (state jail) to the highest level (capital), we believe that every person should receive the same fair and expedited process as is possible. Rest assured that as a client of our law firm, you will always have a tough fighter in your corner.

The consequences of being convicted of a felony charge can be staggering. Significant jail time is the first thing that comes to mind, but there are also heavy fines, suspensions of licenses, probation requirements (and the fines associated with that), employment loss, expulsion from school, and an impaired ability to find another job or school in the future. The consequences are many and varied, so don’t sit still and accept this process that can ruin your life.

We are a tough and experienced legal team that offers Free Consultations and we have years of experience dealing with felony charges.

On top of being experienced and reliable, we pride ourselves on affordability. Dealing with a legal battle can be tough on its own, especially when dealing with something as serious as felony charges. So, adding an expensive and frustrating situation isn’t going to help, especially when help with your Felony Defense is just a phone call away at (210) 338-8225.  Call now so we can discuss your felony.