Public Intoxication

San Antonio Public Intoxication Lawyer like myself can help you keep this simple misdemeanor off your record, eliminating the possibility of the public intoxication charge from becoming part of your permanent record.

In San Antonio we have a lot of public intoxication charges levied by local police, the river walk, spurs games, college sports & even the rodeo affords us many opportunities for PI charges, DWI charges & even juvenile DUI arrest.  As a San Antonio Lawyer I take these charges serious & have built a reputation in the legal circles as the go to San Antonio Criminal Lawyer anytime you are charged with public intoxication.

Keeping Your Criminal Record Clean:  a charge for public intoxication is a simple misdemeanor that can be expunged from your criminal record if you are found not guilty, qualify for deferred adjudication or the charge was dismissed.

Expunging Arrest Record: After your charge has been resolved, my legal assistant will outline the process, time frame & cost of expunging your criminal record & arrest record.  When applying for a job or even college the question you will be asked is have you ever been arrested for or convicted of…  So we must expunge your public intoxication arrest record.

A pubic intoxication obviously will not equal time behind bars even if you plead guilty, but can you afford to have a charge like this on your record.  If not, then call my office at 210-338-8225 & discuss your PI with a skilled San Antonio Public Intoxication Lawyer.

Have you been arrested and accused of public intoxication? Don’t fight the courts by yourself, know your rights and get the best San Antonio Criminal Lawyer on your side! If you have been arrested, that does not mean that you are guilty. Being drunk in public is not a crime in San Antonio. The crime of public intoxication in San Antonio involves being a danger to yourself or others. If it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that your actions fell into that category during the incident prior to your arrest, then you cannot be found guilty of these charges.

If it can be successfully proven that you were both publically intoxicated and a danger to yourself or others, the consequences for individuals over 21 years of age are a fine up to $500 and even jail time. The offense is a Class C misdemeanor and not something that anyone would want on their records. Therefore, it is imperative to have an experienced and proven San Antonio Lawyer behind your case. If you are dealing with charges of this nature, you need a strong team in your corner that knows the twists and turns of the legal system, as well as the best ways to defend your livelihood and reputation.

Even if you’ve been convicted of Public Intoxication in the past, we can look into various ways to expunge your record. Being convicted of such an offense multiple times can lead to serious problems with anything that requires a background check. That’s good jobs, top colleges, loans, and even the military that could turn you away for mistakes in your past. The procedures for these legal processes can be complicated and difficult to navigate for an untrained individual. For that and many more reasons, you would be much more likely to have success defending against Public Intoxication charges with the help of our legal team.

At the Dave Parent Law Office, we are a tough, experienced San Antonio Misdemeanor Lawyer offering nothing free consultations 7 days a week. We work for the best possible outcome in every case for every client, and our years of experience will back that up. Public Intoxication can be a messy and complicated maze of legal procedures and repercussions, so we advise anyone accused of these charges in San Antonio to not try to face these charges alone. Instead, give us a call at (210) 338-8225 so we can discuss your public intoxication.