Custody is or can be a contentious situation and being the custodial parent can be more difficult than simply picking up and dropping your kids off for visits.  Since the children live with you, the responsibility for their day to day behavior falls on your shoulders.  Anyone that is a single parent with attest to this.

Benefits of being the custodial parent are obvious, you decide what the kids eat, where they attend school & often times even what they are able to watch on television.  This means that you are the child’s most influential adult.

In my opinion one of the hardest aspects of being the custodial parent is dealing with visitation, whether it’s enforcing visitation or modifying it’s area that will cause countless disagreements.  The custodial parent should always keep in mind that they owe it to their children to give the noncustodial parent as much visitation as possible.

When your children are adults they will appreciate your sacrifices & will end up being healthier adults because they were able to know both parents.

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