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Modification, your agreement is something that helps you manage the day to day interaction with your ex.  Children deserve the best & a detailed parenting plan can help you avoid countless arguments & thousands in fees.

Like everything else, circumstances change & you have options to modify your custody agreement if you wish to do so.  First, you need to consult with and hire a skilled San Antonio Child Custody Lawyer because your general practice legal professional usually does not posses the knowledge & experience to successfully modify  agreement.

Motions must be filed with the courts, and if necessary go to trial.  This is where our experience becomes very valuable.  My knowledge of the local courts, experience working with the judges & other legal professionals usually allows us to quickly resolve issues without trial.

Reasons To Modify:

1. Moving from one city to another: When one parent for any reason must move more than 100 miles apart such as from one city to another the courts will usually quickly modify.

2. Change in financial situation: When one parent is struggling to makes ends meet and are unable to take care of the children like they should the courts will quickly modify.

3. Change in work schedule: If one parent’s work schedule changes making them unable to live up to the order the courts will usually quickly modify without delay.

4. Military deployment: We have thousands of active military that and every year we help them establish temporary orders and permanent modifications.

5. Medical Issues: Any time a spouse becomes ill, the courts will always issue a modification, whether permanent or temporary they always move with speed.