The basic difference between a divorce and an annulment is that filing divorce says this marriage is broken and an annulment says there never was a marriage.  A annulment is more difficult and often more complicated to prove, so it is not used very often.  annulment are only possible in a few circumstances, usually where one party deceived the other.  If you decide that you want an annulment, you should consult with a skilled San Antonio Divorce Lawyer.  If you are seeking an annulment for religious and need to go through a church procedure rather than, or in addition to a legal procedure, you should consult your priest or minister.

A dissolution of the marriage is generally easier to get than an annulment.  This is because you need to prove to get a dissolution is that your marriage is broken.  However  in order to get an annulment you will need to prove more.  This proof will involve introducing various documents into evidence, and having other people come to testify at the court hearing.

If your spouse wants to stop an annulment, there are several arguments he or she could make to further complicate the case.

Discretionary Annulment, An annulment of a marriage may be granted at the discretion of the court sitting without a jury

In exercising its discretion, the court shall consider the pertinent facts concerning the welfare of the parties to the marriage, including whether the female is pregnant