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The Arbitration Process is used to help resolve issues that both parties involved and their legal representatives are unable to agree upon. The family court judge will order arbitration to resolve drafting issues & to clarify any areas of the decree that are confusing or misleading to either party.  Many times I will request arbitration to resolve disagreements between the parties involved.

It is common to have one of  the parties has their San Antonio Divorce Lawyer prepare the final order for approval.  Remember, arbitration is your last opportunity to clarify issues with your decree & should be seen as your last chance to voice your opinion.  Finally all parties including the judge will sign off on the new agreed upon decree.

Sec. 6.601.  ARBITRATION PROCEDURES.  (a)  On written agreement of the parties, the court may refer a suit for dissolution of a marriage to arbitration.  The agreement must state whether the arbitration is binding or nonbinding.

(b)  If the parties agree to binding arbitration, the court shall render an order reflecting the arbitrator’s award.

Artículo 6.601. PROCEDIMIENTOS DE ARBITRAJE. el acuerdo escrito entre las partes, el Tribunal puede referirse a un traje para la disolución del matrimonio a arbitraje. El acuerdo deberá indicar si es obligatorio el arbitraje o nonbinding.

b si las partes convienen en arbitraje vinculante, la Corte dictará una orden que refleja el laudo.