What about joint bank accounts?

Divide Bank AccountsIn dealing with the joint accounts when you file for divorce, there are a few logical options available to you and your spouse. The first would be to ask your banking institution to “freeze” the accounts in question and not allow monies in or out of these accounts without authorization by both parties. The second would be to empty all joint accounts into one, frozen account to be dealt with in the same manner as the first option.

You may opt for an “Escrow” account. (An officer of the bank is assigned to monitor this account and to handle transactions authorized by written instructions.) Lastly, one spouse can take out half the money in a given account and deposit it into their own, new individual account, thus leaving the joint account as the other’s individual account. By not addressing this issue, you will give your spouse the opportunity and means to liquidate a specific account without your knowledge. While in the event of this, the court will probably provide for reimbursement, the actual receipt of such could be months or years in coming, leaving you to deal with the consequences in the immediate future.

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