What about joint investments

investmentTo thoroughly protect any joint investment or other holdings during a divorce suit, make a complete list of all such assets. Promptly contact your broker or other financial officer and inform him or her of the impending suit for dissolution of marriage. Request that no stocks or other type holdings should be moved, transferred without knowledge and written approval of both parties.

Immediately send a statement to this effect in writing. Be sure to ask the broker or officer to make a note to the “on line” file on his or her company’s computer system as an added safeguard. Given the sophisticated nature of today’s markets, many of these types of transactions are conducted over the phone with the push of a button and can be concluded in a matter of minutes, so time is of the essence.

I understand how difficult this process can be but don’t let that stop from fighting for your rights.  Fighting for your investments, savings, retirement is normal & you should always consider hiring the best San Antonio Divorce Lawyer you can afford.  I offer free consultations Monday through Sunday and usually finish my last consultation around 10 pm.  So feel free to call our office at 210-338-8225 or use my 24hr website customer service team to schedule your consultation.