Statute Of Limitations to enforce a divorce decree can be mind boggling and many people walk away from court thinking something was court ordered so everything was fine.  Well, very few people are this childish but many spouses will ignore the courts orders.

When this happens you only have two years to enforce the property division ordered by the courts or agreed to in your divorce.  Be smart and take your time but don’t wait more than 2 years to contact us if you need to enforce your decree.

A suit must be filed before the second anniversary of the date a former spouse unequivocally repudiates the existence of the ownership interest of the other former spouse and communicates that repudiation to the other former spouse. The two-year limitations period is told for the period that a court of this state does not have jurisdiction over the former spouses or over the property.

I understand how frustrating this can be, but as an experienced San Antonio Divorce Lawyer, I can help you through the process & avoid the pitfalls many other people have stumbled upon.  I can help if you call 210-338-8225 right now.