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Honest truth is that a majority of  the time a divorce starts out uncontested & parties will meet in my office to work out the details, such as custody, support even property division until something sets one of the parties off.  If it’s time to start your divorce, call a San Antonio Divorce Lawyer at 210-338-8225.

Sec. 6.604.  INFORMAL Settlement Conference. (a) The parties to a suit for dissolution of a marriage may agree to one or more informal settlement conferences and may agree that the settlement conferences may be conducted with or without the presence of the parties’ San Antonio Divorce Attorneys, if any. (b)  A written settlement agreement reached at an informal settlement conference is binding on the parties if the agreement: (1)  provides, in a prominently displayed statement that is in boldfaced type or in capital letters or underlined, that the agreement is not subject to revocation; (2)  is signed by each party to the agreement;  and (3)  is signed by the party’s attorney, if any, who is present at the time the agreement is signed.

(c)  If a written settlement agreement meets the requirements of Subsection (b), a party is entitled to judgment on the settlement agreement notwithstanding Rule 11, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, or another rule of law.

(d)  If the court finds that the terms of the written informal settlement agreement are just and right, those terms are binding on the court.  If the court approves the agreement, the court may set forth the agreement in full or incorporate the agreement by reference in the final decree.

(e)  If the court finds that the terms of the written informal settlement agreement are not just and right, the court may request the parties to submit a revised agreement or set the case for a contested hearing.