Sec. 8.055.  AMOUNT OF MAINTENANCE.  (a)  A court may not order spousal maintenance that requires an obligor to pay monthly more than the lesser of:

(1)  $2,500;  or

(2)  20 percent of the spouse’s average monthly gross income.

(b)  The court shall set the amount that an obligor is required to pay in a maintenance order to provide for the minimum reasonable needs of the obligee, considering employment or property received in the divorce or otherwise owned by the obligee that contributes to the minimum reasonable needs of the obligee.

(c)  Department of Veterans Affairs service-connected disability compensation, social security benefits and disability benefits, and workers’ compensation benefits are excluded from maintenance.

(d)  For purposes of this chapter, “gross income” means resources as defined in Sections 154.062(b) and (c), disregarding any deductions listed in Section 154.062(d) and disregarding those benefits excluded under Subsection (c) of this section.

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