David ParentA DWI Defense Lawyer like myself is trained, experienced and possesses the skills needed to properly defend someone against a DWI charge.  Unlike many Misdemeanor charges & some Felony charges a DWI arrest and/or conviction will stay on your record for at least 20 years.  That is not a joke & the main reason why you need to hire the best San Antonio DWI Lawyer you can afford.

If the circumstances of your Drunk Driving arrest are like others, you were driving home from work, the bar or maybe a friends house after 1 or 2 too many drinks.  It’s a mistake that almost all of us will make at one time or another & many of us will be pulled over by a police officer, given field sobriety test & arrested for drunk driving.

* Misdemeanor DWI * Felony DWI * DWI With Child In Car * Repeat Offenders

Are all DWI charges that require a criminal defense strategy that minimizes the impact of your arrest on your daily life.  From keeping your driving priviledges to staying off probation or out of jail we might have the San Antonio DWI Attorney you are looking.

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