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Fighting DWI/DUI charges can be a very serious and frustrating process to deal with. Considering the legal and financial consequences of being convicted of such an offense, the battle can be a taxing one without the proper help. At The Parent Law Firm, our number one goal is to fight for the best interests of our clients. We believe that you need the best  to assist you in this matter.

The consequences of being convicted of DWI range anywhere from driver’s license suspension to significant jail time. Our legal team will focus and work hard to ensure that your case is approached fairly and conducted quickly. Our years of experience are invaluable to any individual facing such charges, but we also understand that your time and money are valuable. Therefore, we’ve worked to make our services accessible & affordable. The only thing we strive for is the best possible criminal defense for our clients.

We are focused on the fair and reasonable resolution of your DWI case. Far too often, those accused of DWI can be tossed around in the court room with no consideration for the legal process or the context of the case. This is why having an experienced legal team behind you is so crucial in these trying times. Without one, there is always the possibility of being unfairly targeted with little to no recourse. As an experienced legal team, we know what to look for and how to handle these unreasonable and unwarranted attacks.

Many of our clients are simply focused on not losing their driver’s license and getting back to driving again. That is one concern that can be immediately addressed by our team. If you take action within 15 days of the arrest, we can help you petition to have your license returned. Don’t forget that being arrested is not the same as being convicted, so depending on your history with DWI the only thing the courts can do is hold your license following the arrest.

If you or someone close to you has been charged with DWI, don’t hesitate to contact our law offices so you can immediately get schedule a ! Give us a call at (210) 338-8225. We pride ourselves in effective and affordable solutions to complex legal problems such as a DWI.