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Police Errors During DWI Arrests

Police officers are human and make mistakes like anyone else. Even well-trained cops omit steps and procedures, make errors when implementing procedures or lack the proper training to accurately carry out required procedures in the first place. Some officers are simply lazy, too tired, or inattentive due to being at the end of a long shift. And there is always the occasional rogue cop that cuts corners or downright falsifies evidence to hold accountable. As experienced and zealous San Antonio DWI attorneys, Parent Law leaves no stone unturned when questioning every aspect of police conduct when you have been charged with DWI.

Reason Why You Were Pulled Over

The number one reason why motorists are pulled over and charged with a DWI is erratic driving. A zealous San Antonio DWI defense lawyer will challenge this reason and point to other things such as texting and driving as reasons to have caused one to drive erratically. In today’s smartphone world, driving erratically is no reason to suspect the driver is intoxicated. It is much more likely he/she is illegally texting someone. Cell phone records can be secured to back this up as well.

Lazy, Sloppy, Inaccurate Police Notes

Another challenge to the charges can be the time that elapses from being arrested to the date of the police notes. The accuracy of notes diminishes the longer a police officer puts off documenting the arrest on paper. Some officers wait until the next morning to write their reports and could have several other arrests and calls in the meantime. Most cases are circumstantial such as the police smelling alcohol or seeing bloodshot eyes. Anything less than immediately writing the notes of the incident can be grounds to have the charges dismissed.

In other examples, rouge police officers can fabricate evidence against a person. They can lie about the details of the incident or otherwise falsify the police report.

Don’t be the victim of police misconduct. Call San Antonio DWI defense attorneys at Parent Law immediately when you are charged with a DWI.