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Police officers make mistakes every day and it is up to a skilled and zealous San Antonio DWI defense attorney to hold them accountable. There are a number of defense strategies that need to be looked at that can call the accuracy of a roadside breathalyzer and field sobriety tests into question. If you are one of the millions of Americans taking prescription medication at the time of your arrest, those drugs can produce a false positive reading on breath and blood tests as well as cause you to fail field sobriety tests.

In addition to causing false positive readings and elevated BAC levels, powerful prescription medications can give the police the impression that you have been drinking. The side effects of the prescription medication you may be taking for a neurological condition can cause impaired motor skills and a speech impediment such as slurred speech or stuttering. Severe allergic conditions cause itchy bloodshot, watery eyes that can also be confused with drunkenness as the medication often causes drowsiness.

The side effects of prescription medication can cause you to fail the field sobriety test as well. Walking in a straight line, turning and returning can be challenging if you are taking prescription drugs as can touching one’s nose and other field tests. If you have been taking prescription drugs at the time of your arrest, the results of these tests could be suppressed or called into question so as to plead to a lesser charge.

Just because you have been accused of DWI does not mean you are guilty. You are presumed innocent beyond a reasonable doubt and a provable pre-existing medical condition can be a strong defense as can taking prescription medications. San Antonio DWI defense attorneys at Parent Law stand at the ready to build a powerful and aggressive defense of the DWI charges against you . Call us today.