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In Texas, as in other states, calculating the amount a parent will pay is largely defined by the guidelines and the amount of time the child is in each parent’s custody.

Calculate Child SupportCalculating The Amount, Judges do have some discretion to change the amount of the order, however, especially when parents have considerable financial assets or when the child has significant needs. It is the role of your San Antonio Child Support Lawyer to document for the court why there should be a deviation in the court ordered support.

The noncustodial’s financial responsibility is usually a monthly payment to the custodial parent for the benefit of the children. Payments shouldn’t be made directly from one parent to another, but through the Texas Attorney General’s Office, and may also be made by employer wage deduction. The amount of support to be paid is calculated pursuant to Law, which is basically a formula that figures  based on the incomes of the parties and other factors.