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Payments are required and not an option. Even without a custody order the noncustodial parent must pay & if you are not married at the time the birth the mother will be required to register for payments through the State’s AG office.

An experienced San Antonio child support lawyer is always your best option if payments are missed or you need to start an order.

Sec. 154.003.  MANNER OF PAYMENT.  The court may order that support be paid by:

(1)  periodic payments;

(2)  a lump-sum payment;

(3)  an annuity purchase;

(4)  the setting aside of property to be administered for payments to the children as specified in the order;  or

(5)  any combination of periodic payments, lump-sum payments, annuity purchases, or setting aside of property.

Sec. 154.004.  PLACE OF PAYMENT.  (a)  The court shall order the payment of child support to the state disbursement unit as provided by Chapter 234.

(b)  In a Title IV-D case, the court or the Title IV-D agency shall order that income withheld be paid to the state disbursement unit of this state or, if appropriate, to the state disbursement unit of another state.

(c)  This section does not apply to a court order that:

(1)  was initially rendered by a court before January 1, 1994;  and

(2)  is not being enforced by the Title IV-D agency.

Sec. 154.005.  PAYMENTS OF SUPPORT OBLIGATION BY TRUST.  (a)  The court may order the trustees of a spendthrift or other trust to make disbursements for the support of a child to the extent the trustees are required to make payments to a beneficiary who is required to make child support payments as provided by this chapter.

(b)  If disbursement of the assets of the trust is discretionary, the court may order payments from the income of the trust but not from the principal.