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Payments Through Graduation, Let’s be honest with each other, the older our children get the more expensive they become & if your children turns 18 but still in high school a normal person would assume that payments should continue until the child graduates.

If your son or daughter is meeting the minimum attendance requirements that establishes a consistent effort to graduate from high school support payments can’t be terminated, but must continue. A skilled San Antonio Child Support Lawyer should be consulted before you deviate from your child support order.

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Sec. 154.002.  CHILD SUPPORT THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION.  (a)  The court may render an original support order, or modify an existing order, providing child support past the 18th birthday of the child to be paid only if the child is:

(1)  enrolled:

(A)  under Chapter 25, Education Code, in an accredited secondary school in a program leading toward a high school diploma;

(B)  under Section 130.008, Education Code, in courses for joint high school and junior college credit;  or

(C)  on a full-time basis in a private secondary school in a program leading toward a high school diploma;  and

(2)  complying with:

(A)  the minimum attendance requirements of Subchapter C, Chapter 25, Education Code;  or

(B)  the minimum attendance requirements imposed by the school in which the child is enrolled, if the child is enrolled in a private secondary school.

(b)  The request for a support order through high school graduation may be filed before or after the child’s 18th birthday.

(c)  The order for periodic support may provide that payments continue through the end of the month in which the child graduates.